Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson has created several programs within his office to address disparities within the criminal justice system.  Recognizing that reform requires action, Wolfson has been instrumental in bringing SMART REFORM to the criminal justice system.

Some of these programs are:

Conviction Review Unit (the first of its kind in Nevada)

  • Re-examines convictions where new evidence of actual innocence has surfaced
  • Resulted in the release of a wrongfully convicted person who served 22 years in prison for murder.
  • Hired a career Public Defender to lead the team.

Created Hope for Second Chances (HSC)

  •  Modeled after the nationally recognized Hope for Prisoners (HFP) prisoner re-entry program.
  • First of its kind in the country.
  • Offers re-entry education and services to defendants on the front end of their case (pre-entry) by utilizing the proven success of the HFP program.
  • By successfully completing this program, offenders are able to receive the help they need, rather than being sent to prison.

Project Redirect

  • Pre-charge diversion program.
  • First of its kind in Nevada.
  • Provides assessment and social services to low-level, non-violent, offenders.
  • Offenders are given the opportunity to avoid having criminal charges filed against them if they successfully complete their individualized treatment plan.